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[MUST READ] Becoming a PRO-DESIGNER is easy now!! Simply get a recommendation!
Hola peeps, Welcome all. Here is the new revised version of the rules of becoming a Pro-designer. Go through it and help your fellow designers in gaining the PRO status. Get recommended to become a pro designer: Yes, if the community recommends you to become a pro designer and your profile is complete, you can become eligible to become one! HOW TO GET A PRO DESIGNER RECOMMENDATION? The secret is to make connections. Keep multiplying them to expand your designer network. Then use those connections to get endorsements from other designers. The more endorsements you earn, the better your credibility. Follow them Like their designs Comment Share their work Recommend to receive recommendations Offer constructive feedback Provide useful design resources Help fellow designers thrive in the community forum Create new valuable threads Participate in challenges as well as fun posts Profile should be complete to every last detail (Profile picture/cover photo should be updated) Portfolio should contain at least 10 completed designs Profile must be linked to at least 1 social media handles Profile must include at least 1 graphic design service AND Complete your profile: Your profile should be complete in every aspect (professional profile picture/avatar image, cover photo, education, experience, portfolio designs and services) Portfolio: Your portfolio should have at least 10 original designs created by you Social Profile: Profile must be linked to at least 1 social media handles (Eg- FB/Instagram/Behance/dribbble) Graphic Design Service: You must list at least 1 graphic design service as per your expertise. Please submit the portfolio links of any designer you want to recommend to our team (of course you cannot endorse yourself but someone else will) Growth of an individual is the growth of our community and we want you all to contribute. So, go ahead and help us discover some hidden gems in our community. Cheers :)
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